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AT20: Unli all-net texts + 20-min calls + 15mb data

Last Updated July 25, 2016

  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 20-min calls to Smart/TNT/Sun
  • 15MB mobile data
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 20 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text AT20 to 2827

To call using this promo:

Dial *2827 + 11-digit mobile number

AT20 or All Text Unli 20

This promo is available to Smart and Talk n’ Text subscribers only.

AT20 which is the short term used for All Text 20 is one of the longest running promos from Smart. If I got it correctly, it’s been years when the first all text promo was released. This promo is available with several denominations like all text 10 or at10, all text 30 or at30, and also all text 20 or at20.

All text promos from Smart is exclusive for Smart Buddy and TNT users only. If you’re a Talk n’ Text user, you can subscribe by directly going to the sari sari store and ask for the all text promo load. However, if you’re a Talk n’ Text user, it is more advisable to register Gaan Text promo rather than All text promo because of longer validity.

Never miss a text to any of your friends from other networks. With Smart’s latest promo, you are now allowed to avail a promo package of unlimited text to all networks, with 15MB mobile data and an additional 20-minute calls to Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers. The all new All Text Unli 20, valid for one day. This promo is actually the newer version of All text 20. The old version doesn’t have an unlimited text offer, but this new version has. For only Php 20.00, you can now experience one of the most affordable offer from Smart.

There are several ways to avail this offer. First is direct registration. You can buy this promo directly from your suking tindahan. Second option would be manual registration. You can subscribe by texting AT20 to 2827. To call, just dial *2827 + 11-digit mobile number of the one you’re calling.

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