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Globe GOSURF30 150MB + 50MB Chosen Freebie

Last Updated November 26, 2016

  • 150MB mobile data
  • 50MB for 1 freebie of your choice
  • Valid for 2 days
  • Requires 30 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GOSURF30 to 8080


Text GS30 to 8080

Globe GOSURF30 Promo

Globe GOSURF30 promo comes with 100MBmobile data, consumable within a day. Globe already updated and upgraded the offer. It now comes with a total of 200MB mobile data. 150MB for your regular browsing and 50MB for an app of your choice. They also extended the validity of the GOSURF30 or GS30 Globe promo.

Enjoying this promo? You an also check if you’ve already accumulated enough points to claim this promo through Globe Rewards.

Just add 20 pesos and subscribe to GOSURF 50 instead. You can choose between three days or five days validity depending on your needs. For 3 days validity, you’ll get a total of 1GB mobile data. For 5 days validity, you’ll get a total of 650MB mobile data. What’s cool about these two promos? Both have unlimited all network text which expires on the same date as your promo.

Please take note that Globe is updating their promos every now and then and that the data here might not be as accurate as the real offer. Please do take note of the date this post was updated. For other promo offers, just dial *143# using your mobile phones. You can also use that hotline number to check your balance or to check the status of your promos.

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