Globe Rewards

Globe Rewards: GC3

Last Updated June 24, 2016

  • 5 texts to Globe/TM
  • 1-min call to Globe/TM
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 3 points

To subscribe:

Text REDEEM<space>GC3 to 4438

To check subscription status:

Text GC3STATUS to 8888

Make sure to have at least Php 2.00 balance to claim and use your reward promos. Checking promo status is free of charge. You can also dial *143# to check for other rewards.

GC3 Globe Rewards

With GC3 rewards, you can now use 5 intra-net texts plus a minute of same network call using your Globe mobile number. This promo is valid for 24 hours. You need not to worry about expiring credits because 5 text messages can be consumed within a day after successful subscription.

Though if have a lot of points, and you are looking for an affordable promo you can claim using your reward points from Globe, why not try to subscribe to the Globe Rewards version of GOUNLI25? This promo will give you unlimited calls to any Globe/TM mobile number and unlimited texts to any Globe/TM/TNT/Sun/Smart mobile number for a day.  Besides, this promo is only worth 5 points. Not bad eh? Actually, there is a more practical way to spend your reward points from Globe. Don’t forget to try GOUNLI50. You’ll spend twice the reward (10 points) but you’ll get thrice the fun (3 days)!

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