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Globe Rewards: GOSURF99

Last Updated June 24, 2016

  • 100MB mobile data
  • Basic Spotify with 1GB allocation
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Requires 50 points

To subscribe:

Text REDEEM<space>GOSURF99 to 4438

To check subscription status:

Text GOSURF99STATUS to 8888

Checking promo status is free of charge. You can also dial *143# to check for other rewards.

GOSURF99 from Globe Rewards


Make your world even more exciting! Subscribe now to Globe GOSURF99 for only Php99.00. The latest promo from Globe where you can use Facebook while streaming the latest hits on Youtube, discover new music using Spotify, create new playlists on SoundCloud, share music with friends and chat with friends from afar.

With GOSURF99, enjoy 100MB consumable internet or mobile data surfing and experience 1GB data allocation to use Spotify basic for FREE, with no extra charges on your mobile data bills! Tweet, send message using the latest messaging apps, always be updated with your emails, and stay connected all the time! With GOSURF99, you’ll have the mobile data freedom you’ve always wanted.

To subscribe, please refer to the instructions above. For other questions, feel free to drop by some comments. We will be happy to share what we know.

You can also check other Globe Rewards by browsing through the site pages.

11 comments on Globe Rewards: GOSURF99

  1. Lopyot says:

    Goodbye globe ..No more gosurf99 time to change SIM.

  2. Ting says:

    What will happen if i forgot that im still register to gosurf50 then i register to gosurf99?
    my validity of my gosurf50 affect my gosurf99?

  3. Globibo user says:

    Is the 200mb data allocated for gosurf 99 renewable everyday once it is used up?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hi subscriber. No. It’s consumable within the promo validity. If your GoSURF is valid for 30 days, then the data allowance will be fixed. It doesn’t refresh daily.

  4. J_EM says:

    Is GOSURF99 still acceptable?coz i regestered my sim in that promo and confiramtion says it is invalid

  5. Rose Ojo says:


    In the globe website, gosurf99 includes 200mb of mobile internet for 30 days. What happens if the 200mb is already used up? How can I know how much mb an app uses for a day?


  6. Globe User says:

    Can I use my reward points to send Gosurf99 to my other number? Let say may sim1 has 100points. I want to redeem gosurf99 but i want my sim2 to have the gosurg99. Can I send REDEEM GOSURF99 SIM2?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Yes, it is possible to gift reward promos to other mobile number. Another way is to transfer all your points from sim1 to sim2. In this way, you can make use of all the remaining points in sim1 and combine all the points to redeem items or promos with higher value.


    2. Globe User says:


      Redeeming GS99 differs from globe and tm. 50points for globe and 30 pointa for tm. Is it possible to gift ftom tm to globe? How many points? From globe to tm?

  7. Is Go surf contains unli text to globe and Tm networks ?? Or it is for surfing only ??

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Surfing only po.

      You can try GOUNLI50. Mobile data for surfing with unli call and all-net texts.

      Thank you!

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