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Globe Surf 2 Days GoSURF15

Last Updated November 26, 2016

  • 40MB mobile data
  • 30MB PokeminGO access
  • Valid for 2 days
  • Requires 15 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GOSURF15 to 8888


Text GS15 to 8080

Globe Surf 2 Days Validity

Globe surf 2 days promo for only 15 pesos. Get 40MB mobile data to use when visiting all websites. On top of that, get 30MB mobile data to use for two days of PokemonGO adventure.

If the old promo code doesn’t work, try the second one. And change the access number to 8080 instead of 8888.

This Globe surf 2 days promo is best for checking emails regularly. Just make sure to use your mobile device to lessen the usage of mobile data. If you’re trying to create portable hotspot or a WiFi using your mobile phone, or maybe you’re using this promo through your pocket WiFi, you cannot maximize its usage. One tip for consuming a rather small amount of data is to use mobile friendly websites. We all know that 40MB is low compared to other promos which offer up to 1GB of mobile data. But we can make use of this data allotment for up to two days if we refrain from accessing non-mobile-friendly websites.

Did you know that you can access Facebook for FREE? If you’re planning to use this GOSURF15 promo, you can switch from paid to free mode while browsing Facebook. This can save you a lot of mobile data because no data charges will be applied. You cannot see the photos but you can still access the messages, and everything (just without the images). Images are only displayed within the message inbox. Doing this can extend the 40MB mobile data for future use. Unless there’s an image you really want to check out on Facebook, you can switch to paid FB, view the image, then switch back to free FB again.

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