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GOSURF50 5 days New! 650MB total + Unli all-net text

Last Updated November 16, 2016

  • 350MB mobile data (for all sites)
  • 300MB data for 1 app of your choice
  • Unlimited text to all networks
  • Valid for 5 days
  • Requires 50 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GS <space> 505D to 8080

To stop subscription:

Text GOSURF <space> STOP to 8080


To choose Facebook freebie:

Text GS505D <space> FB to 8080

To choose Viber freebie:

Text GS505D <space> VIBER to 8080

To choose Snapchat freebie:

Text GS505D <space> SNAPCHAT to 8080

To choose PokemonGO freebie:

Text GS505D <space> POGO to 8080

  • Please take note that stopping your GOSURF subscription will also stop your freebie.

Gosurf 50 5 days

This promo is an alternate promo for GoSurf50. The regular gosurf50 promo is only valid for 3 days and right now, Globe created a surf promo with longer validity. Aside from 5 days validity of mobile data, the subscriber is also given unlimited texting to all networks.

For only 50 pesos. The subscriber gets 650MB total mobile data and unlimited texting to all networks for a total of 5 days. It means that it’s only 10 pesos per day! Think of it as 10 pesos per day for unlimited all network texts, and the surfing is only for free! Not bad right? It’s really that affordable.

Globe new promos are accessed through *143#

For new promos from Globe, please dial their hotline number or SSID. Then we can create our very own promo combinations. Some promos are priced higher and some are priced lower. So the best thing to do is look for the proven call and text promos online. Or better yet, search this website for the latest call text and surf promo trends.

You can also check the community section of this website to post questions and find related answers. Members of the community may answer your questions or even suggest a more affordable promo close to what you’re looking for.

GoSurf50 5 days is available to all Globe subscribers. To get more data, please check version 1 of gosurf50 by visiting this page GOSURF50 1GB for 3 days.

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