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GOSURF50 Globe New! 1GB total + Unli all-net text 3 days!

Last Updated November 7, 2016

  • 700MB mobile data (for all sites)
  • 300MB data for 1 app of your choice
  • Unlimited text to all networks
  • Valid for 3 days
  • Requires 50 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GOSURF50 to 8080


Text GS <space> 50 to 8080

GOSURF50 Globe New & Enhanced!

GOSURF50 Globe new and enhanced promo is available to all Globe subscribers nationwide. For only 50 pesos, enjoy 3 days of unlimited texting to all networks and get connected through your favorite social media.

Did you like GOTSCOMBODD70? For those subscribers looking for more data which can be used for a shorter period of time, then this promo is perfect. The GoSakto GOTSCOMBO promo is worth 70 pesos and is valid for a week. However, some subscribers find it “bitin” to use the promo. The 1GB mobile data is already consumed just before the expiration of their subscription.

If you’re visiting Twitter, Instagram, or using Viber, then worry no more. This promo has 300 MB allotment for an app of your choice. And instead of just getting 1,000 texts to Globe or TM, you can now enjoy unlimited texting to all networks. Sulit talaga!

GOSURF50 Globe promo is already available long ago. But what makes this promo a must-try? It’s already updated to give subscribers more data to use. And the subscription is process is as easy as sending a hi and hello. The promo keyword is also not difficult to remember.

With this new Globe promo, we can enjoy a total of 1GB mobile data for a lower price but with a shorter validity (compared to GOTSCOMBODD70). The good thing is that we don’t need to subscribe to other text promos while subscribed to this one.

So what are you waiting for? Try the new and enhanced GODURF50 Globe promo now and start surfing for three days. For other call and text promos or other surf promos, just dial *143# for free.

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