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GOTSCOMBODD70: 1GB surfing + unli texts to all Networks

Last Updated February 21, 2017

  • 1GB mobile data
  • 1,000 texts to Globe/TM UNLIMITED text to all networks
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Requires 70 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080

UPDATE [SEP-07/2016]: The number for subscription has been changed from 8888 to 8080. Despite the change, 8888 is still working. We just don’t know until when it will be available for use. If you try to subscribe using 8888, you’ll receive a reply from 8080 regarding the confirmation of your subscription. Anything else, please feel free to drop by some comments. Have a great day everyone!


UPDATE [AUG-23/2016]: Because of the arising issues with this promo, we tried to contact Globe customer service and according to the representative, this promo is still available and the code is working. If in case there has been a problem regarding your registration, you can contact Globe customer service or send us an email with the screenshot. But it would be better if you would contact Globe directly as they are asking for the mobile number used when the subscription didn’t go through.

This promo is available to GLOBE subscribers only.

GOTSCOMBODD70 – 1GB Internet with 1000 Texts

With free mobile access to Facebook, Globe indeed allowed a lot of their subscribers to get in touch with their online friends. However, with this free Facebook access, the features are very limited. Images don’t show up due to a limited data allowance given to users. Another thing is, when trying to view third-party sites (eg. Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, Gmail), mobile data consumption will be charged (using regular internet rates). This is because the only thing offered for free are pages within the domain.

The new promo GOTSCOMBODD70 allows users to get connected 24 hours, 7 days a week. For only 70 pesos, subscribers can now enjoy 1GB of mobile data which they can use to view any website available. Plus, 1000 texts to Globe/TM are included in the promo. One gigabyte of mobile data is huge enough to browse, watch videos, and also play games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hayday, etc.

If you have reward points, you can also claim other mobile data promos. However, GOTSCOMBODD70 is not yet available as a Globe Reward promo. To search for the perfect promo using Globe Rewards, please browse the posts tagged within the Globe Reward promos.

140 comments on GOTSCOMBODD70: 1GB surfing + unli texts to all Networks

  1. Justine says:

    Is this promo still available? kinakain ung load ko everytime n try to register with this.

  2. Joseph Dean Jabil says:


  3. Ochaco says:

    I registered into this promo and the only thing it does is to consume my 70 pesos load. what a waste.

  4. KOBE says:

    is this applicable to tm sim?

  5. Ernesto tan says:

    I cannot register in this promo now , but it charge 70. no confirmation ang my 4gb accumulated has expired bec i cant register .is this promo are notavailable now?

  6. mark says:


  7. paulin says:

    is this applicable to tm sim?

  8. Edmar says:


  9. Sheng says:

    Still working?

  10. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    Free Facebook (w/ photos) has already been removed.

    1. Charlie says:

      Aww! what happened? yup, it’s awful, it just took me 1 day to consume the 1gb surf. huhu. is there any promo recommendations that offers free Facebook? that I can still access other apps.

    2. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      GOSURF50 offers FREE 300 mb Facebook. Other than that, we cannot recommend any more promo for Globe unli FB.

  11. Juanito says:

    Is free Facebook not available anymore with this promo? There’s no notification whether i will be able to have free fb after registering to the promo

  12. Rica Fritzie says:

    Hi, why is the free facebook promo is not working? But I am registered to this promo in globe

    1. Yulyulk_1205 says:

      same problem. last time I registered with this promo I just let my fb app open with free mode (without pictures & videos) overnight then the next morning my fb free data mode was activated. I guess it takes a lot of time to access free fb.

    2. JillyLovesKookies says:

      Same problem

    3. JillyLovesKookies says:

      @Yulyulk_1205 can you already access to free fb now?

  13. ladygirl says:

    why cant I register to gotscombodd70 my sim is new

  14. Kim says:


  15. Jayp says:

    I really appreciate this promo
    Hopefully this promo will be forever hahaha

  16. Shambles says:

    Any Update panu mag unsubscribe sa GOTSCOMBODD70? Kasi wala na yung option under sa manage my account para mag STOP ng promo.


    1. Rossel says:

      same problem. i want to stop my current registration, but i cannot find the previous procedure to stop it.

    2. bianca says:

      Had the same dilemma! You can stop it by sending GOTSCOMBODD70 STOP to 8080.

    3. Shambles says:

      It’s not working. 🙁

    4. Kionne says:

      Paano nga ba i-stop ang gotscombodd70 subscription?
      I tried GOTSCOMBODD70 STOP, GOSAKTO STOP by sending to 8080 or 8888 it won’t deactivate my subscription. I also tried *143# but I can’t find the option to unsubscribe.

    5. yowyowyow says:

      Just register. No need to unsubscribe or anything. I tried my luck and it worked!

    6. ali kev says:

      i encountered the same problem before so i decided to call their hotline and ask them how to unsubscribe or stop the promo..and luckily they can unsubscribe to the promo .,,you can call their hotline to be assisted on your concern.i hope this can hel

    7. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      GOTSCOMBODD70 is a GoSakto promo. Unfortunately, the STOP keyword for all gosakto promos is not working. You can contact Globe Telecoms Facebook page and ask them to stop the promo.


    Hi there! I cant register the promo code GOTSCOMBOODD70 on my prepaid globe sim card. Why is that?

  18. conchita farinas says:

    pano ako magregister sa gotscombodd70 gamit ko ang laptop. nakaconnect na ang wifi ko sa laptop. pano ko sya iopen sa laptop para magregister ako para masend ko sa 8080

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Kung gamit niyo po pocket wifi, open kayo ng browser, type niyo sa URL. Tapos andun po portal ng wifi niyo.

    2. Garry ematong says:

      bakit di po ako maka register and sabi ay sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword. bakit ganon, eh ang type l
      ko naman ay GOTSCOMBODD70 SEND TO 8080

  19. looker says:


  20. Catherine says:

    how to extend thi promo for another day po nadelete ko kasi yung message para dun?

  21. gosakto says:

    Hi! I’m wondering if the unli texts still work since I didn’t receive any messages saying the surprise! ang dati mong 1000 texts ngayon ay unli text na.

    1. Lhee says:

      Im having hard time and can’t register on this promo. I’ma tm subscriber..

    2. jet says:

      it’s unlisurf to all network even thought I didn’t get any text confirming it.

  22. cindy says:

    Hi po advance merry xmas. Applicable npo ito sa TM users now? Any updates?

  23. Arya Stark says:

    Nakaregister po ako sa gotscombodd70 but wala po syang confirmation ng free fb, natanggal na po ba yun?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Ang freebie nalang po sa promo na ito ay yung unli all-net. Yung dating 1,000 texts ay ginawang unlimited. Kung free FB po (yung no photos), just visit


  24. joel aguilos says:


    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Yes, this promo is still valid po. As long as may GoSakto. Pero maaaring next time, iba naman yung freebies or offers na kasama sa promo na ito.

  25. Deadpool says:


  26. aicirtap says:

    Yung gotscombodd70 ba pwede sya iregister kasabay ng call promo? Kung pwede, anong promo pwede?

  27. Raihana says:

    Why is that? I get a message notification that I am registered to this promo, but when I check on my status it says im not registered. Nabawasan din ung load ko ng 70. Why????

  28. Eahm Zurc says:

    1000 txt to globe at tm lang poh b tlga ang promo n to ? Kasi my frnd aq whichnia using this promo sabi nya unli allnet tcxt daw to , ano po b tlga ?? Thanks

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Yes po, unlimited text to all networks na po ang promo na ito. Hindi namin pwedeng palitan ang title for search engine optimization purposes. New article will be posted po at maglalagay nalang kami dito ng notice regarding the update. Maraming salamat.

  29. Budot says:


  30. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    Good day! Yung promo po na ‘to ay for Globe users lang. Kung hindi po makapag register, try niyo po yung ibang promos like GOSURF50. Di rin po u and running yung server 24/7. Minsan down po yung ibang promos for maintenance. Thank you.

  31. Gosakto user says:

    And btw para lng yan sa mga globe subscribers huh. Baka si gumagana sa inyo kase Tm subscribers kayo.. Oo tm is globe pero para lng tlga sa globe yang promo na yan… Yan palage ginagamit ko… Natry kuna dn magregester ng 8 times na gotscombodd70 nka 8gb ako….. Para pandownload ko ng DOTA 2. At gumana nga. Ginamit ko data ko sa laptop ko.

    Kaya wag maniwala sa iba na di yan gumagana… Kase tagal kuna nitong ginagamit na promo kase sulit pera mo dito. Tsaka ung free facebook. Nakaka view ako ng videos. At download pa. PERO sa FACEBOOK lng di pwd sa ibang site. ENJOY ! ANJAN NA UNG INSTRUCTION SA BABA

  32. Gosakto user says:

    Haha kakatawa nmn po yung ibang ng comment, lalo na ung ng mura pa.. Hahah anyways. Until now gumagana pa poh yang GOTSCOMBODD70. kase yan ang gamit ko ngayon. Haha san ba kayu nakatira parang wala ata kau sa pilipinas… Ilang simcard na niregester ko sa gotscomboodd70 tapos kayu di maka regester? Hay nako…. Gamitin nyo po utak nyo paminsan minsan…. Try nyo po sa *143# dn type ung numbers huh.

    1.Create promo
    1.To globe/tm
    4. 1000
    3. 7 days
    1. Subscribe!
    1. Lets do this! Register


  33. MGA ULOL KAYO! says:


  34. alex says:


  35. alex says:

    sir bat di ako maka pasok sa unLing to??

  36. Profile photo of admin admin says:

    It’s possible na palitan din nila yung keyword for GOTSCOMBODD70 tulad ng ginawa nila sa GoSURF, ginawa nilang GS nalang. We haven’t tried yet kung gumagana parin yung promo via the GoSAKTO app. Thanks for the info (sa nag comment below).

  37. john says:

    gotscombodd isnt working anymore. nag register ako last 2 days ago pero not available anymore as per globe. they proposed gs50 nlng as an alternative

  38. Sid says:

    unli allnet text pa din ba ‘to?may time kasi nagregister ako noon unli allnet sya eh..

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      May mga users po dati na unli all-net ung nakuha pero ung iba naman, Globe to TM lang. Pero meron po bagong promo 1GB (700MB all sites + 300MB 1 app of your choice) valid for 3 days, unli all-net text 50 pesos.

    2. Sid says:

      ah ok..kung magregister ba ko ng gotscombodd70 tapos mag reg. din ako ng gounli50 magpapatong ba sya?

    3. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Hindi pa po namin na try. We’ll ask the network customer support then we’ll get back to you asap. Thank you.

    4. Sid says:

      sorry i mean gosurf50 pala

    5. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hello, we’ll ask again. Pero eto po yung reply “Nais naming ipaalam saiyo na GoUNLI50 ay hindi pwedeng isabay sa promo na may unlimited texts. Since GOTSCOMBODD70 ay promo na may unlimited texts, hindi ito pwede isabay sa promo na GoUNLI50.” Which means, pinalitan na din nila yung text sa GOTSCOMBODD70. We’ll update this promo page as soon as possible and confirm kung yung free unlimited text sa GOTSCOMBODD70 ay same network or all network. Thanks.

    6. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      As per Globe: Hindi rin maaari mag – co – exist ang GoSurf promo at ang GOTSCOMBODD70 dahil sila ay may parehas na unlimited texts to all networks. Kung ikaw ay may iba pang Globe related concern, mag PM lamang dito sa Facebook. Salamat.

  39. Immaawesome says:

    Can I share my gotscombodd70 mobile data to my pc??

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Yes po. You can create a hotspot using your mobile phone, or use it directly from your pocket wifi. Thanks.

  40. John Carlo T. Gonzales says:

    how do i check my data balance through the desktop (when you connect to your IP address)

  41. RC says:


  42. Jon says:


  43. net says:

    sir, aside sa gots70 meron pa ba ma taas na data na promo. every week po ako nag register sa 70. kaka bitin pero sulit yong 7days. tnx

  44. TM says:

    Ask ko lang po if pwede akong mag register sa gotsocombodd70 kahit 3days pa sya bago mag expire.. thanks po

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Yes po. Pwede pong mag register sa GOTSCOMBODD70 kahit hindi pa expired. All mobile data and texts will be carried over to the nest subscription.

  45. Erich says:

    Anyone tried to register to GOTSCOMBODD70 this week? I can’t seem to register anymore after my 7-day subscription expired the day before yesterday.

    1. Angel says:

      Same here . I was trying to register for an hour now and it says i registered an invalid code.

    2. Lil star says:

      Still working po to. But no confirmation na free fb ba.

      Congratulations! You have successfully created your own promo, GOTSCOMBODD70 with Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO. Now enjoy 1GB + 1000 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 7 days. To check your balance or end your subscription, dial *143#. Per DTI-FTEB SPD No. 1229 S16 valid until 6/30/16. This promo is subject to Globe’s Fair Use Policy. Tran No.

      Surprise! Ang dati mong 1000 texts to Globe and TM, ngayon, Unli Allnet Texts na! Enjoy it as long as you are registered to gotscomboDD70 valid for 7 days.

      Can anyone confirm if free fb ba to? Thanks

  46. Hi !

    My Simcard is TM. Can i still avail this Promo?

    1. green19 says:

      Nope. Only for Globe users.

    2. allan says:

      pede po ba ito sa tm?

    3. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      For Globe users lang po. Thanks!

  47. John says:

    Admin tanong ko lang dito sa gotscomcodd70 free fb pa ba ito? Kasi kahapon lang ako nag register , pangalawang araw pa lang ng gotscombodd70 ngayon tapos 188bytes na lang natitora sakin. Pls reply

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Dapat po may free FB kahit na naka subscribe sa ibang data offers. Pero may isang nakapagsabi na stop na daw po yung free FB simula SEP 01. Pero hindi lahat napadalhan ng notice ng Globe.

  48. princess says:

    update your info po.. 8080 na ang number ng Globe for promo registrations and keywords..

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hi Princess,

      Thank you so much for this tip. We will be updating the information on all our promos the soonest possible time. We really appreciate your help. Have a great day!

  49. mj says:

    tang ina bakit hindi na free fb ang promo na to . samantalang nag papadala naman ng text na enjoy your free FB valid for 7DAYS !!!

    ganto na ba tlga sa pilipinas ?? WTF !!!

    1. Jorwie Hlee says:

      Everything in the Philippines is always a problem. Ikaw lang malulugi negosyante hindi. Nonredundable status lahat. Sana kayanin ni Papa Digong lahat ng problema ng pinas. Priority. Internet sobrang bagal.

  50. jean says:

    Pwede rin to sa tm user?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Globe subscribers lang po. Thanks!

  51. Liza says:

    Hi admin! Ask ko lang kung may update ba kayo about this promo. Nag-register ako kahapon, na-receive ko pa confirmation SMS. I even checked the status sabi may free FB and Viber pero pag nag-open ako ng facebook kinakain yung data. D na nag-appear yung banner on top na “Facebook is free”.

    D bale sana kung nag-click ako ng links. Kaso news feed and messages pa lang ng FB nauubos na data ko. 200MB agad nawala. Madaya talaga Globe kahit kailan.

    Kahit regular load kinakain pa dahil kung ano ano sine-send. Pag tumawag ka sa CS sasabihin naka-subscribe daw ako sa mga third party charges ng hindi ko alam. Automatic nila sina-subcribe tapos pag nagreklamo ka d naman ibabalik load mo. Daan daan na ninakaw sakin na load. Saan ba pwede mag-file ng complaint para maisumbong ang telco?

  52. paps says:


    naka+reg+po+ako+sa+gotscombodd70.+im+doing+this+for+2+years+na. pero+ngayon+lang+last+reg+ko+august+28,+2016+4:56PM. prob+ko+is+hndi+na+free+ang+FB+ko.+nag+try+din+po+ako+ng+FREE+FB+status+pero+walang+txt+back. 1st+time+for+morethan+2+years.+TIA

    1. Joanes Paul says:

      as a response to your querry, free fb was not effective just last september 1. the globe system sent me a message about the matter.

  53. Damien says:

    Sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword. Please make sure your keyword is correct with no extra characters and spaces. For more info on promos, dial *143#, FREE from your Globe/TM mobile phone.

  54. Jeztor says:

    Is this promo already have 1000 text to all networks?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Only for GLobe / TM lang po

  55. Mark says:


    How can i stop gotscombodd70 or deactivate this promo?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      You can unsubscribe via *143#. Just dial *143# from your Globe mobile phone, select “GoSAKTO, then select “Manage my registration”.


  56. Tintin says:

    just unsubscribed.

  57. Help me says:

    I’m registered in this promo but i can’t access the free facebook. What to do?

    1. Nana says:

      This has been working for the last 2 days but today, I cannot even load my news feed on facebook even if I have around 0.99 gb left. Happened in different location so I’m quite sure it’s not the signal. Any troubleshooting tips?

  58. Jill says:

    Why its like that i register GOTSCOMBODD70 but when i recieved The confirmation is this

    You may now enjoy your40MB of mobile surfing, valid for 1day/s… Why its like that?…
    So i cant use my data because if i use it my regular load will be gone..

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hi Jill,

      Have you checked your balance after registration? How much did it charge you? It will not be fair if the confirmation message says 40MB for 1 day but then 70 pesos was deducted from your account. You can contact Globe Customer Service regarding this issue and ask for refund.


  59. Emme says:

    Is this 1GB/per day or only 1GB for 7 days (consumable)?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      It’s only 1GB consumable for 7 days.


    2. I.T says:

      1Gb for 7 day !

  60. Shuuu says:

    Our system has detected that multiple promo registrations were sent from your account. With this, the system automatically disallowed you from registering to this service. You may try our other promos instead by dialing *143#.

    What does this message mean?

  61. john says:

    hi! when i try this code \*143*1*1*6*1*4*1*5*3*1*1#\ it says Error! invalid bookmark

  62. PokemonTrainer says:

    How to extend this promo? I’m out of data because of Pokemon Go and still have a day before it expires. Hope for immediate response. Thanks 🙂

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      You can register again before it expires. The remaining data and texts will be carried over to your new subscription.

      Thank you.

  63. Ryan says:

    Can this gotscombodd70 use in pocket wifi 4g?tnx

  64. Seth says:

    Would you recommend it to those who are playing pokemon go?


    1. janpot says:

      I’m here also for POKEMON GO.

  65. Zee says:


    Something wrong with GOTSCOMBODD70 now?
    I can’t register.
    It’s telling “Sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword.”
    I can’t use *143# now. That’s why i’m registering via sms.

    HEEEELP!! Teehee 😛

    1. Brian says:

      Parang wala na nga eh

  66. Eric says:

    Hi how do i know if how much mb na lang yung available sa data ko po?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Dial *143# -> Go Sakto -> Manage Services po.

      Thank you.

    2. Ddddddd says:

      GOSAKTO STATUS to 8888

  67. Aika says:

    Hi! I registered to this promo so that I can use it on my pocket wifi. Im Bothered because I cannot use my fAcebook for free. Help! 🙂

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      There’s a switch button there to select whether or not to use the free facebook. Even on laptop, it should show.


  68. Papi says:


    I have been using this promo for the past few weeks without any problem. But today, I cannot subscribe and I am getting a reply saying that I have multiple promo registrations at the time, which is not true because my last GOTSCOMBODD70 subscription expired 5 days ago and I have not registered to any promo since. I am subscribing to this promo via text to 8888 because I cannot find this on *143#.

    Can someone help?

    Thank you.

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hello Papi,

      Globe might have some technical issues right now regarding that promo. Many are complaining about it. We are not yet sure if the upgrade to offer unlimited text instead of 1,000 texts will push through and maybe they are already working on that.

      Regarding your concern, the GOTSCOMBODD70 can be found in *143# -> GoSakto menu. Just follow the steps to get 1,000 texts + 1GB surfing. Or you try this code *143*1*1*6*1*4*1*5*3*1*1# by directly dialing the numbers.

      If it still doesn’t work, wait for at least an hour and try again. If no luck, you would need to contact their customer service by dialing 211 on your mobile phone.

      Thank you!

    2. Tracy gatmaitan says:

      You dont need to register on *143 all you have to do is gp to sms type gotscomboDD70 and wait for the confirmation..

  69. Juana says:

    Tried registering but it always says failed…how can I register? Tnx

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      What mode of registration did you use? Is it via *143#, Globe Services App, or via text?


  70. john smirf says:

    Hi… im using this promo now… can i ask about..
    how many data will be deducted to my 1gb data.. if i update my apps or (antivirus).. etc??
    and how will i know my remaining balance data??
    im using 4g pocket wifi….
    pls answer.. thank you…

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Regarding the update of your apps, it really depends on the number of apps you want updated and its update size. Each app update varies. Even if we look at their disk size, it doesn’t mean that an app which consumes 1MB disk space will also consume more data when updated than an app which is 0.5MB small. If you want to limit the consumption, and if you’re using an android phone, you can set a mobile limit in the settings menu.

      To check for the status of your promo, please dial *143# and go to GoSakto -> Manage my registration. You can also do this using the GoSakto / Globe Services app.

      Hope it helps.


  71. Miles says:

    Hi, I got this message last July 7 when I registered for the gotscombodd70

    Surprise! Ang dati mong 1000 texts to Globe and TM, ngayon, Unli Allnet Texts na! Enjoy it as long as you are registered to gotscomboDD70 valid for 7 days.

    How come when I tried to register my husband’s number, his is not unliallnet texts?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:

      Hi Miles,

      GOTSCOMBODD70 is not functioning well these past few days. Many are trying to subscribe but they can’t. There is no official statement from Globe yet if they are going to remove the promo or change it to a better one. Regarding the message you received, in my opinion, they are having beta tests with this promo. Maybe only few users will be lucky enough to get their 1000 texts converted to unli texts.


  72. jmr says:

    Does require lad globe wat f an balance eh zero

  73. Teofilo que says:

    How i will stop or deactivate the gotscombodd70? Ive used already 900mb at 3 days palang yun. After 1gb sana mag register ulit ako, pero baka di pwede kasi di pa naeexpire. How ill stop po ba? Thanks admin

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      No need to stop or deactivate. You can extend the promo by subscribing again 1 day before it expires. The remaining data allowance and texts will be carried over to the next subscription.


  74. Bam says:

    is it available until now and is this applicable for pocket wifi? tnx

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Yes, it’s still available. However some subscribers are having difficulties registering to this promo. If you are not able to register via *143#, try using the GServices Mobile App. And yes, it is applicable for pocket wifi.


  75. Alren says:

    Is this also available for TM users?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Only for Globe users po.


  76. LizaDL says:

    is there a way to extend this promo?

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      As far as I know, only TM promos can be extended. Globe subscribers are not yet allowed to extend their current subscriptions.


  77. Lani V. Camacho says:

    Still, I cannot access to internet although i received a message that I am successfully created the promo.

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Please check your APN settings if it’s correctly configured. If yes and you’re still having the same problem, please contact the network provider to help you with your concern. Many subscribers are experiencing the same issue and this might be caused by a technical problem in the network provider’s part.


  78. Joy says:

    I cannot register in this promo.. why? I keep doing it..but nothing .. help please..

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Did you receive any confirmation message saying why you can’t register? Please check if you have other active globe promo subscriptions. Some promos cannot be used together with other promos. Or, if you’re using an android/iPhone, you can download the GoSakto App and try to register, also, you can check using *143#.


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