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GOUNLI25: Globe Promos Redeem Rewards

Last Updated June 24, 2016

  • Unli calls to Globe / TM
  • Unli all-net texts
  • Unli Viber
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 5 POINTS

To subscribe:

Text REDEEM<space>GOUNLI25 to 4438

To check subscription status:

Text GOUNLI25STATUS to 8888

GOUNLI25: This Globe promo comes with FREE Facebook and Viber!

To claim and use this GOUNLI25 Reward Promo from Globe, you need to maintain at least 2 pesos in your balance. To check the status of your promo, please see the above code and the number where to send it. Checking the remaining promo days of your GOUNLI25 is free of charge.

GOUNLI25 Reward Promo is available to all Globe subscribers. This promo may be stopped any time without notice. Please check back soon to see changes on the promos listed on our site. If you wish to receive latest promotions and offers from us, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

When you register or redeem a reward promo from Globe, points will be deducted from your account depending on the promo you subscribed to. Aside from the points, a 1-peso balance will also be deducted from your main balance or your load balance. That’s why you need to maintain Php 2.00 to continue using this service.

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If you registered and didn’t receive a confirmation message, make sure to check your balance first before continue using the service. Some promos listed here are only available to certain areas. If in case you registered and it’s not available, please do drop by a message including your location so we can inform others that the promo is not available in some areas.

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