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GOUNLI50: Globe Rewards Promos Redeem Now

Last Updated September 7, 2016

  • Unli calls to Globe / TM
  • Unli all-net texts
  • 50MB of mobile data
  • Valid for 3 days
  • Requires 10 POINTS

To subscribe:

Text REDEEM<space>GOUNLI50 to 4438

To check subscription status:

Text GOUNLI50STATUS to 8888

Looking for GOUNLI50 only? Read this article to know how to subscribe using your regular load!

8888 not working? Try to use 8080 instead.

GOUNLI50  Globe Rewards: This promo comes with FREE Facebook and Viber!

Make sure to have at least Php 2.00 balance to claim and use your GOUNLI50 globe reward promo 2016. Checking promo status is free of charge. You can also dial *143# to check for other rewards.

GOUNLI50 Globe Rewards Promo from globe is available until further notice. For other news and latest promos, you can subscribe to our newsletter which will likely send you two to three emails a month.

Joining this GOUNLI50 Reward Promo will deduct points from your reward points. To check your available or remaining points, please visit our tutorial page. To know more about the latest promos, please feel free to browse. If you’re looking for other call and text promos, you can check the promo tags on the left side of this page or you can take a look at the latest entries here on our blog at the right side of this page.

If you registered to this promo and it did not work, please feel free to drop by some comments so others will also be notified that the promo may have ended or the promo may not be available on certain areas.

A forum section on this site will be launched soon so people can raise their concern and anyone who knows the answer and wants to answer can share their ideas. Aside from call and text promos concern, people can also post about technical problems they encounter with their mobile phones or sim cards. In this way, we can create a helpful community where we benefit from one another.

For other rewards from Globe, please check our collection of available rewards here MORE GLOBE REWARDS

9 comments on GOUNLI50: Globe Rewards Promos Redeem Now

  1. joancanete27 says:

    I have a lot of points on my globe .. for more than a year trying to reach my redeem point but still say sorry And what should I do to have this points .. should I stop this kind of network ..its because it didn’t work …

  2. Agapiel Ordañez says:

    Hi, how do I stop my goUNLI50 that was redeemed? Thank you!

    1. Jack says:


  3. Ryan Jay Porciuncula says:

    how can i unsubscribed TmC5 registered thru rewards??i need your reply asap..thanks

  4. Meili lim says:


    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      Text UA10STOP to 8888

  5. Michelle Espiritu says:

    It gives me a hard time registering my GOUNLI50…
    I dont why?i hioe that the globe company will do something about this..we are your consumers, and we patronazed your globe company.
    God bless,
    Michelle Espiritu

    1. Profile photo of admin admin says:


      This post is for redeeming GOUNLI50 promo using Globe reward points. To register using regular load, please text GOUNLI50 to 8888. The Globe company might be having a maintenance when you tried to register.


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