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GS10 Globe Surf Promo 40MB 1Day

Last Updated December 1, 2016

  • 40MB mobile data
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 10 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GS10 to 8080

GS10 Globe Surf Promo

The new face of Globe GoSurf Promos! Here comes the GS surf promos from Globe. The GS Globe surf promos are the enhanced GoSURF promos from the previous years. Get more data and spend more time online with these new Globe surf promos.

GS10 is a promo from Globe which gives users 40MB of mobile data. The mobile data allotment is for “all sites” access. Don’t just limit your presence within the social media sites. Explore. There are more to see in the world wide web.

What can you do with 40MB? Check your email from time to time, play Clash of Clans or PokemonGO. There are several websites you can visit with 40MB of mobile data. Just make sure that it’s a mobile site. When you search information using the Bing search engine, there’s an indication if a website is mobile friendly or not. So why is it important to access mobile sites more than the regular website display? This is because mobile friendly sites are optimized to run on mobile devices and therefore, these kind of websites bring the same information using less data. The design might not be as colorful compared to the desktop view, but what’s important is the content. And the most important thing is we save mobile data.

Mobile friendly websites use less designs, less images. The reason why we consume more data is when we visit websites with so much images on it. The larger the image size (not the dimension, but the image file size), the more data it consumes.

If you are just reading emails, or playing mobile games, then you’re good to go. Just watch out for those apps which consume a lot of data.

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