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GS50 All New 1GB + Unli all-net text for 3 days!

Last Updated December 2, 2016

  • 700MB mobile data
  • 300MB access to 1 app of your choice
  • Unlimited text to all networks
  • Valid for 3 days
  • Requires 50 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text GS <space> 50 to 8080


The new and improved GOSURF50 promo is now GS50 Globe promo! If GOTSCOMBODD70 is not anymore working on your end, then it’s time to switch. For a more affordable price of 50 pesos, get a total of 1GB mobile data valid for 3 days. GS50 has two versions, the first one is valid for 3 days while the other one has 5 days validity. To know more about GS 505D, just read this post.

This is already a combo promo. From a surf promo, Globe updated this to include unlimited text to all networks. The extra text promo is valid within the promo duration. It will expire the same date and time as the expiration of the surf promo.

Please be advised that video websites consume more mobile data than other types of websites. The indication that a website consumes more data is if it has a lot of images (high-quality images) and videos (high-definition or HD). One example is YouTube. If you would frequently visit YouTube, you tend to consume more amount of data, which will result to draining your mobile data allocation. One tip is to adjust the video settings. High quality videos consume more data than low quality ones.

Images, such as websites will huge banners in the homepage also consumes more data than just visiting sites full of text. Though we can select which websites to visit, we cannot avoid visit a text-only kind of website.

The best thing to do is refrain from visiting video sites if not needed. However, if your intention is to really browse those kind of sites, you can subscribe to promos which will give you freedom over your mobile data consumption. Try surfing using unlimited data allotment or use promos with more data allotment like this GS50.

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