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Last Updated June 23, 2016

Cherry Mobile Phones available in the Philippines are listed below. Sorted in alphabetical order, feel free to check all Cherry Mobile Phones you are looking for. Each link will redirect to a separate page where you can see the features and specifications of each. Also, you can check if it is available for online purchase or check its current price.

Prices may differ depending on the store. Also, please take note that some mobile phones are available in your local store for a lower price because of some promos and discounts.

To find the mobile phone you are looking for press CTRL + F on the keyboard. Then you will be able to see a small search box at the top right corner of the screen. Start typing the mobile phone you’re trying to find. Simply navigate through the results by using the up/down arrow beside the search field.

Cherry Mobile is a Filipino mobile phone and electronics company founded by Maynard Ngu in 2008. Operated by Cosmic Technologies Incorporated, the company imports mobile phones manufactured by original design manufacturers in China andmarkets them under the Cherry Mobile brand.[1] Later Cherry Mobile handsets come with Wi-Fi, capacitive touch screens and run on the Android, Firefox OS, Windows, and Windows Phone operating systems.[2] – Wikipedia

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