Globe Rewards

Redeem Rewards Globe: GSURF5

Last Updated June 24, 2016

  • 5MB of mobile data
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 1 POINT

To subscribe:

Text REDEEM<space>GSURF5 to 4438

To check subscription status:

Text GSURF5STATUS to 8888

Redeem Rewards Globe GSURF5

Globe Rewards gave you 1 point for loading yesterday. Now you’re thinking, “what can this point do for me?”
Let’s say, you need to check messages in your email account or..
get an update about the news happening today or..
surf the net for just a while.
But the problem is, you don’t have any mobile data.

What if the company that you sent your resume at messaged you and the manager would like to have an interview?
What if your favorite NBA team already won the championships and you missed the news?
What if you’re out for a vacation but you don’t know any new and nice place to spend it?

But wait, you have received a point from Globe Rewards, right?
With the 1 point that you have, you can now redeem your 5mb mobile data valid for 1 day. To register, just type REDEEM <space> GSURF5 to 4438.
By exchanging your point, you can now check your email, who knows, maybe there’s some good news that awaits you or get updated with the news, you’ll never miss out the current happenings or surf the net and find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

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