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UNLI30 Smart: Unli all-net texts + unli calls + 15MB data

Last Updated July 25, 2016

  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to Smart/TNT/Sun
  • 15MB mobile data
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 30 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text UNLI30 to 6406

To call using this promo:

Dial *6406 + 11-digit mobile number

This promo is available to Smart subscribers only.

UNLI30 Smart

This promo is all-in-one. It gives you the freedom to have unlimited call and text to Smart, TNT, Sun while also having unlimited text to other networks! And that’s not all. You also get 15MB mobile data which you can use to play Clash of Clans or browse the web.

For only 30 pesos, you’ll enjoy a whole day of fun with UNLI30 Smart promo. This promo is available to Smart subscribers only. For other promos, please check the website by using the navigation menu on the top part of the page or filter posts on the left side of the page (in desktop version).

Please make sure to maintain 1 peso balance while enrolled in this promo. Your unlimited subscription might be stopped if there’s no extra balance in your account.

Note: This promo has been released months ago. It may not anymore work. If in case you are having difficulties subscribing to this promo, please check other promos from our gallery or archives. You might also want to visit our Facebook page for the latest happenings and giveaways. We are having trivias from time to time where you can join and have fun answering random questions. Or if you have other concerns, you can contact us directly from our Facebook page. You might also want to check the forum section where you can post your questions and our community members can answer.

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