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UNLICOMBO100: Unli text + calls for 7 days!

Last Updated August 8, 2016

  • Unlimited text to Globe/TM
  • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM (10pm – 5am)
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Requires 100 LOAD

UNLICOMBO100 Alternatives

The UNLICOMBO100 has long been gone. Other TM subscribers are requesting to bring it back again. However, there is no official statement from TM yet that they will be bringing the promo back to the market.

With the old UNLICOMBO100 promo, we are able to get unlimited text to the same network + unlimited calls during 10pm – 5am and this promo is valid for 7 days.

There are new promos from TM, we have the COMBOALL20 which is worth 20 pesos and is valid for 3 days. So what do we get from this COMBOALL20? Unlimited text to Globe/TM, unlimited calls to Globe/TM and 50 texts to all networks. The good thing is this promo can be extended. Say for example we want to have a promo which will last for 7 days, here’s what we’ll do:

 Promo  Validity  Amount
 COMBOALL20  3 days  20
 EXTEND  1 day  5
 EXTEND  1 day  5
 EXTEND  1 day  5
 EXTEND  1 day  5
 Total  7 days  40

Now, we get 7 days of promo validity for only 40 pesos! Laking tipid ‘di ba?!

And instead of getting only unlimited text to Globe/TM, we also get 50 texts to all networks, and instead of getting unlimited calls from 10pm – 5am, we get unlimited calls any time of the day!

3 comments on UNLICOMBO100: Unli text + calls for 7 days!

  1. sairih luan says:

    call and text peomo for 30days..ang talk n txt kc 150php lang may promo n ganyan

  2. Jewell says:

    Gawa naman kayo mg promo for 1week plsss ung wala ng extend extend..

  3. hassle nmn yan extend extend pa why dont you make it the same as Globe promos my 15 days and 7 days unli call and text for tm and globe subscriber. dap[at ganun na lng!!! tulad ngaun hnap kami ng load ng pang 7 days or 15 days wala meron nga for 1 week my oras pa ang gara!!

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