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UTP 150: Unlimited text + 150-min calls + 150 all-net texts for 30 days

Last Updated July 18, 2016

  • Unlimited text to Smart / Sun / TNT
  • 150 texts to other networks
  • 150-min calls to Smart / Sun / TNT
  • 30 MB per day of Facebook, Viber, or Twitter access
  • Valid for 30 days or 1 month
  • Requires 150 LOAD

To subscribe:

Text UTP150 to 4545

To call using this promo:

No prefix required. Just dial the number.

To load your customer (for retailers only):

Text U150<space>11-digit mobile number to 4540


Text RTSUT150<space>11-digit mobile number to 4540

UTP 150

This promos is available to all Talk n’ Text subscribers nationwide!

Are you looking for the best promo in town? Well this might be the one you’re looking for! For only 150 pesos, you can now enjoy unlimited text to same network (Smart/TNT/Sun) and also an additional 150 texts to other networks. This promo is the newer version of U150. While U150 is still available in the market, this promo is better. If you want to check the U150 promo, just visit this post U150: 30 DAYS UNLIMITED TEXT . Unlike U150, this UTP150 comes with 150-min calls to the same network. And, if you love to check out Facebook, Twitter, and/or Viber… Then this is also perfect for you because of the additional 30 MB per day mobile data allocation for the said sites or apps.


4 comments on UTP 150: Unlimited text + 150-min calls + 150 all-net texts for 30 days

  1. Byron says:

    I can’t use my call. Everytime I make a call, the system answered that I have enough balance to make a call but the person I’m calling receives the call (missed call).

  2. Karina says:

    This is saving me so much money. I have friends and work mates from all 3 networks and it is really cheaper to call them on the same one. I consume about 60 -90 minutes on this one. With post paid I had to pay about 600 a month. With this my bill is 320 a month with all networks covered

  3. CARLA says:

    I cannot use my 30MB data

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